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Title Rating Synopsis
Heaven and Earth Rent See Tenjou Tenge

Starship Troopers
Watch An anime adaptation of the classic science fiction novel. "Plotwise, this OVA is considered the most accurate adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein's novel, despite the fact that many liberties were taken with characters and events." (Anime News Network)
Tenjho Tenge Rent See Tenjou Tenge
Tenjo Tenge Rent See Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge
Rent Nagi Souichirou and best friend, Bob, are both tough street fighters, but when they transfer to a new high school, they get their a**es kicked by the local gangs. They find out that their new high school is dedicated to refounding the martial arts, and combat ability is rated higher than academic skills. And what is with the cute Natsume Aya, who has decided to become his girlfriend (without even bothering to ask him)? But Souichirou is a glutton for punishment, with a fighting spirit that cannot be kept down for long.
Uchuu no Senshi (Japanese) Watch See Starship Troopers
天上天下 Rent See Tenjou Tenge
宇宙の戦士 (Japanese) Watch See Starship Troopers

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