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Cat's Eye
Watch The unstoppable burglar team know as Cat's Eye always announce in advance their intended thefts, and despite the warning, the police seem unable to catch them or stop them. And what of the three sisters who own the Cat's Eye cafe located next to the police station? One of the sisters, Hitomi is even dating police detective Toshio Utsumi, who is always involved in any Cat's Eye thefts. Will he ever get a clue that his cute girlfriend just might be involved in the burglary team that he is dedicated to catching?
Cats Eye Watch See Cat's Eye
CatsEye Watch See Cat's Eye

City Hunter
Rent Ryo Saeba is what's known as a "sweeper"--part private detective, part bodyguard, and in general a troubleshooter for hire. He's a crack shot, a first-class streetfighter and completely fearless. His only weakness is that when it comes to beautiful women, he's also a complete pervert!

City Hunter: .357 Magnum
Rent Two very important persons arrive at the Tokyo Airport. One is a shady courier come to deliver a precious microchip to the Police--for the right price. The other is world-famous classical pianist Nina Shutenberg, who has come to perform a charity recital--but she has another task on her agenda. She hopes to track down her long-lost father, who is said to be in Japan. The courier is dead before he clears the lobby, and Nina finds herself entangled in the desperate search for the missing computer chip. She hires Joe Saeba, expert bodyguard/private detective of the secret firm known as "City Hunter"!

City Hunter: Bay City Wars
Watch After the U.S. military ousts a sadistic Central-American tyrant, a spirit of merciless vengeance is born. And when the Bay City Hotel unveils its new supercomputer, the deposed ruler and his loyal daughter devise a plan. With the daughter's hacking skills, the very same computer that helps room service deliver breakfast can now deliver a nuclear payload right to Washington's front door. But their nuclear vengeance has one unforseen problem--City Hunter. And now, the only question remaining is whose finger is faster: the girl on the button or the man on the trigger?

City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy
Watch Joe and Kaori have been reduced to handing out flyers on streetcorners in hopes of drumming up some business for themselves. Consequently, they can't believe their good luck when a beautiful woman from Los Angeles offers them a million dollars to protect her from the Mafia hitmen she claims are after her. Shortly afterwards, however, Kaori makes a disturbing discovery: rumor has it that there's an assasin in town who intends to kill Joe--and this assasin is supposed to be from Los Angeles!
City Hunter: Hyakuman Dollar no Inbou Watch See City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy
City Hunter: Magnum of Love's Destiny Rent See City Hunter: .357 Magnum
City Hunter: Plot of $1,000,000 Watch See City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy
シティーハンター Rent See City Hunter

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