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Kumamiko - Girl meets Bear
Avoid Machi is a middle school student who also serves as the local Miko (shrine maiden). Her remote region of Japan has something distinctive to it: a longstanding truce between humans and talking bears. One of them, Natsu, serves as Machi's guardian and mentor.

Slow Loop
Unevaluated Hiyori is an introverted girl who likes to fish at the seashore alone. One day while doing that a strange girl appears who seems to think it's a good idea to go swimming in March. This very energetic and outgoing girl, Koharu, has just moved to this seashore town from an inland province. Kiyori finds her 'strange', 'unique', but also likable--which is fortunate, considering the surprise that awaits her. Suffice to say she'll be seeing a good deal more of Koharu.

Super Cub
Watch Koguma is 'the girl with nothing'. She has no parents, no siblings, no friends, little money, and no goals for her future. Little did she expect that her empty and apathetic life would be turned around by the unlikely event of her acquiring a cheap used 'Super Cub' motor scooter.
くまみこ Avoid See Kumamiko - Girl meets Bear
スローループ Unevaluated See Slow Loop
スーパーカブ Watch See Super Cub

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