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ef - a tale of memories
Rent The story revolves around 2 sisters, Kei and Chihiro Shinou. Kei spends her mornings helping her 'Oni-chan' Hiro Hirono get up in the morning. But Hiro has started to see another girl named Miyako Miyamura who is a bit of a troubled student and Kei feels that she is a bad influence on him. But lately Kei has noticed someone following her around. Chihiro just stays at the train station and reads. One day a boy Renji stops by and starts talking to her. Chihiro likes this boy but she has a problem: About ten years ago she got into an accident and now cannot remember the previous day. Her only link to the past is a hand written diary that one of her previous selves has written.
Hachikuro II Buy See Hachimitsu to Kuroba II
Hachimitsu to Clover II Buy See Hachimitsu to Kuroba II

Hachimitsu to Kuroba II
Buy Mayama is in love with Rika-san, the owner of Harada Design. Yamada is in love with Mayama. Takemoto is in love with Hagu-chan. So is Morita-senpai. Hanamoto-sensei is keen on protecting Hagu-chan. And together, they are a group of friends who've spend several years together. However, times are changing. Only Hagu-chan and Takemoto remain as student at the art college. Mayama gets hired by Rika-san. Yamada does her pottery work at the school, which gets her work with Rika-san and Mayama's old company, Fujiwara Design. She is now heavily pursued by Fujiwara Design employee Nomiya, who's determined to get her over Mayama. Morita and his brother Kaoru continue their work to raise large amounts of capital. And Takemoto works to finish his project before he joins the workforce as a temple restorer. With life moving on, will Rika-san give into Mayama? Will Yamada win over Mayama or end up with Nomiya? Will Hagu-chan choose Morita-san or Takemoto-kun?

Hachimitsu to Kuroba Specials
Rent In "Chapter L", Takemoto asks Mayama and Morita about a vacant room in the apartment building, and is told about an amazing senpai named "Lohmeyer". "He was a wonderful person" Mayama explains, "serene as the northern plains... powerful, lustrous, and... juicy"? Likewise, Takemoto later notices a poster advertising a "Legendary Hero Search" and Mayama tells him about a costume-wearing theme park employee who once held that title; a person with "manliness flowing out of him, even when covered with fur". "Chapter F" involves "the story of the Fujiwara Design Office before Mayama-kun began working there". The mischievious Miwako buys a "ridiculous" shirt for fellow worker Yamazaki as a prank--and he is immediately acclaimed "The King of Fashion". Miwako cannot tolerate a failed practical joke, and thus begins a never-ending search for tasteless clothing...
Heaven and Earth Rent See Tenjou Tenge
Honey & Clover 2 Buy See Hachimitsu to Kuroba II
Honey & Clover Chapter F Rent See Hachimitsu to Kuroba Specials
Honey & Clover Chapter L Rent See Hachimitsu to Kuroba Specials
Honey and Clover 2 Buy See Hachimitsu to Kuroba II
Honey and Clover II Buy See Hachimitsu to Kuroba II
Honey and Clover Specials Rent See Hachimitsu to Kuroba Specials

Paradise Kiss
Buy Yukari Hayasaka is a high school student in her final year undergoing the stress of applying for university exams and the pressures put on her by her mother to succeed as a student. One day, Yukari is brought into the world of fashion modeling by George Koizumi and several of his friends at the Yazawa Gakuen design school. The group known as Paradise Kiss need Yukari’s help to model their clothing designs for their school’s upcoming fashion competition. Yukari agrees to help the group out as she starts to realize her potential in the world of fashion modeling and falls for George as the days count down towards the Yazawa competition.
ParaKiss Buy See Paradise Kiss
Tenjho Tenge Rent See Tenjou Tenge
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