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Choujikuu Seiki Orguss Watch See Orguss

Dirty Pair
Rent Kei and Yuri are top agents for the World Welfare and Works Association (3WA). When they get sent to a trouble spot, the bad guys aren't the only ones in trouble! Still, as the 3WA's super computer is quick to point out, the "Lovely Angels" always get their man, and the collateral damage that results is never really their fault.

Kyatto-Ninden Teyandee
Watch The setting is a Japanese looking village named "Little Tokyo" where the Pizza Cats run a pizza fast food business. Little Tokyo is populated by all kinds of animals. The official governor of the town is the Emperor, but since he has gone bananas a council takes care of the well-being of the village. One of the members of this council is called Seymour "Big" Cheese, who secretly wishes to take over control of the village. The pizza take away restaurant is merely a cover for their true job... Whenever evil is afoot, the Pizza Cats are launched towards the danger from the gun-lookalike clock tower that emerges from the top of their restaurant.
Legendary Ninja Cats Watch See Kyatto-Ninden Teyandee

Macross Plus: The Movie
Buy It`s the year 2040 and the world is flourishing with several colonies and advanced technology. AI is near perfection and the currently biggest star is the almost completed artificial singer Sharon Apple. All that`s missing are the actual feelings, which instead are supplied by Myung Fang Lone. Sharon`s next concert is planned to be at the planet Eden, where at the same time a contest is going on between Isamu Dyson and Guld Bowman, two fighter pilots, about whose experimental veritech the military should buy. Isamu, Guld and Myung where once childhood friends but after an accident seven years ago they parted. Now when Myung once again appears the old disputes are once again awakened. And when an unstable and illegal AI technique is installed in Sharon the situation gets dangerous.

Watch In the year 2062 A.D., Earth's two superpowers are battling over the Orbital Elevator, a structure which could shift the balance of Earth's political and economic climate. Lt. Kei Katsuragi is a fighter pilot taking part in an attempt to destroy the elevator using the awesome Space/Time Oscillation Bomb. But plans go wrong, and Kei is caught in the detonation of the bomb. He is hurled 20 years into the future, leaving him in an unfamiliar world.
Original Dirty Pair Rent See Dirty Pair
Samurai Pizza Cats Watch See Kyatto-Ninden Teyandee
Super Dimension Century Orguss Watch See Orguss
キャッ党忍伝てやんでえ Watch See Kyatto-Ninden Teyandee
ダーティペア Rent See Dirty Pair
マクロスプラス Movie Edition Buy See Macross Plus: The Movie

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