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Love Live! Superstar!! S1
Rent Kanon Shibuya is a talented singer who 'wants to make everyone smile' with her songs. One major problem: she has a sort of stage fright which makes her tend to freeze up and faint while singing before an audience. She had hoped to earn admission to the prestigious music program at Yuigaoka Girl's High School, but totally blew her audition and accepted a place in the general education program instead. But another student, the half-Chinese Keke Tang, overhears her singing to herself one day, and makes a radical proposal: join her in forming a new School Idol group at Yuigaoka. Kanon is reluctant, and the students of the music program tend to scoff at school idols, but Keke cannot be discouraged.

Love Live! Superstar!! S2
Rent The girls of Liella had assumed that the five of them would make a second attempt at the Love Live championship without any changes to their group, but a new class of first year students at Yuigaoka makes them consider expanding their act.
ラブライブ!スーパースター!! Rent See Love Live! Superstar!! S2
ラブライブ!スーパースター!! Rent See Love Live! Superstar!! S1

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