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Kiddy Grade

Lumiere (young purple-haired girl) and Eclair (red-haired older girl) are ES-members (Ecounter of Shadow-Work) of GOTT (Galactic Organization of Tariff and Trade) who do underground works to regulate the economy and safety of the Galaxy. Like all ES members, Eclair and Lumiere have special powers. Lumiere can control any form of computer technology, even from a great distance. Eclair can turn lipstick into a deadly weapon and when she wears it, she becomes super strong and exceptionally fast. They are accompanied by a GOTT auditor named Armblast as they accomplish various missions successfully. However, their past comes back to haunt them and soon Lumiere and Eclair find themselves in the fight of their lives. What is the secret of thier past? What is GOTT doing? Will Eclair and Lumiere be able to live normal lives?

キディ・グレイド Rent See Kiddy Grade

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