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10/18/2008 08:06 AM

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I'm thinking about pulling out the structured keywords like genre, setting, demographic, style, type and release year and finally putting them in their own fields and moving the rest into a more modern "tags" type setup. That is where they're free form (but you can enter from a list too, if you prefer).

This raises another question... do you all want to be able to tag individual reviews as well? This would allow you to tag with things that are meaningful relative to you, like "favorite" or "best of season" or whatever. This would then allow me to make pages that show, for instance, all of the shows a reviewer tagged as their favorite or best-of, or whatever.



10/18/2008 09:43 AM

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This sounds just like how I did my award list in my profile. If it's similar to that, then i'm all for it.

Edited on 10/24/2008 01:10 PM.

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