Summertime Rendering - 11: Time To Feed

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Ryuunosuke and Nezu prepare to descend into a storm drain amid rain despite the former having a bad feeling about what will happen.<spoiler> Meanwhile, Shin, Ushio and Sou flee through the cave underneath the island. Shin notices that the grotesque Shadows (with the tops of their heads cut off) are concentrating on Ushio and ignoring him and Sou. Ryuunosuke tells Nezu they are nearing the Shadow 'nest'. Mio tries to call Shin but can't reach him since he is underground. She finds Shiori's hair tie, and someone who sounds like Shiori shouts that Shin is 'over here'. Tetsu comes along, and he and Mio think they see Shiori pointing into a manhole, but then she vanishes. Tetsu doesn't want to go down there, but Mio persuades him. Shin, Ushio and Sou manage to outrun the Shadows, and find themselves in a chamber full of coral--Ushio says they are a form of Shadows. Ushio's arm is bothering her again. Since the original Ushio has been cremated there may be no way to fix it. The three are captured by Tokiko and two giant Shadows. It seems that she and her father have allied themselves with the Shadows but have kept it all secret from Sou. Meanwhile, Ryuunosuke concludes that the Shadows reached the island via underground passages like the one he and Nezu are in. They are blocked by iron bars, but Nezu guesses that what lies beyond is Hiruko cave, a giant cavern supposed to lie beneath the island. Supposedly Hiruko, the island's guardian, adopted it after washing ashore long ago. "Sis would know more about that" Ryuunosuke remarks. "Should I change over"? Nezu suggests they ask Karakiri, the Priest. Mio and Tetsu think they see Shiori behind bars; there's a flash and Shiori says "Yuck". The bars are gone. (Maybe Shiori tried to copy Mio but couldn't, since Mio's Shadow has already been killed) Unknown to any of them, Ryuunosuke was watching. "Sis's premonition might have been right" he says. Tokiko says Shin, Ushio and Sou have "trespassed on sacred ground". She says she is there to retrieve a "defective item" (Ushio?). Shin whips out his nail gun and shoots her shadow, but there is no effect--Tokiko is still human. She observes that he will kill Shadows, but not a human like her. "Why don't we have a little chat?" she says. Meanwhile, the Doctor asks nurse Negoro </spoiler>

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