Onegai Teacher - 2: Mou, Omuko ni Ikemasen

Title:Onegai Teacher
Episode:2: Mou, Omuko ni Ikemasen
(Already, The Forbidden Son-In-Law)

Kei and Mizuho are accidently locked in the high school gym equipment room. Fortunately, Kei's uncle suspects that Kei is there with his hot teacher. Unfortunately, the high school principle has come as well. In order to save Mizuho's job, Kei's uncle says that Kei and Mizuho are actually married. Kei confesses that he's 18 and not 15 having "lost" three years due to his disease. Now, there's nothing left to do but for Kei and Mizuho to actually get married!
(AstroNerdBoy 03/08/2003)

Another pretty incredulious episode that stretches believablility. However, barring that, it is still funny and enjoyable. This series table setting was pretty bad though.

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