Onegai Teacher - 11: Sensei

Title:Onegai Teacher
Episode:11: Sensei

Mizuho uses her technology to help Kei who's withdrawn again. It is here that we learn why Kei began to withdraw -- the suicide of his sister. Because of what Mizuho did, she is recalled to her home planet and all evidence (including memories) of her having been on Earth are erased.
(AstroNerdBoy 03/08/2003)

This episode was very Oh My Goddess in the sense that the female lead is being recalled and forced to erase the evidence of her existance. I found it very touching that upon removing Kei's memories, she left him with the box of chocolate snacks that she ate all through the series -- the chocolates her human father gave her when she was young. Kei can't remember her, but he knows something is wrong and something is missing in his life.

A very touching episode.
[2007-09-30, Devil Doll:]
It's obvious that this series has already lost me already. So my first impression was: "Now they're playing the Evangelion episode 25/26 game? Whatever..." Why exactly would Mizuho be recalled now? And why wouldn't she have known this could happen when she decided to marry Kei? And if she can erase the memory of humans so easily why was she afraid of being found out as alien in the first place? Can this story get any more stupid?
The only interesting element was his sister who "taught" Kei how to stand still... so finally there's an explanation for his disease. But what about Ichigo who has the same disease? One episode to go...

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