Summertime Rendering - 05: Maelstrom

Title:Summertime Rendering
Episode:05: Maelstrom
The woman with glasses kills Mio's Shadow. She is Nagumo Ryuunosuke, apparently a novelist. She says she came to save him, and knows his name. She says a Shadow is coming, but it turns out to be Ushio with her cardboard mask. Nagumo has a trick to tell humans and Shadows apart: if you step on a person's (literal) shadow, it may move by itself to avoid your foot. She also says her sister has hypothesized that Shadows "scan humans with light and absorb their information". They survive by 'eating' human data, and must directly consume the person to get it. Nagumo senses "some sort of will controlling them, as if they're all working towards one singular goal". Shin races up the steps to the shrine, where he finds a slaughter in progress. A dark, multi-limbed Shadow, 'the Parent' is leading many lesser ones as they kill humans and pile their bodies up. "The hour of nine approaches" it says. it generates a shotgun of it's own and wounds Nagumo. It remarks that it was 'dangerous' that she made it as far as she did.
Basically, this episode shows us what will happen if Shin doesn't stop the Shadows.

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