Video Girl Ai - 4: Confession

Title:Video Girl Ai
Episode:4: Confession
This is a complete narration of the episode and contains SPOILERS! So be sure you really want to read this...

Late in the evening, Moemi calls Youta to talk about her birthday present to Takaski, a self-made scarf ... once again he has to cheer the shy girl up.

Next morning, handing over her present at school turns out difficult, as dozens of other girls have the same intention. Moemi is close to giving up, and wonders whether she should rather have bought a more respectable present ... so Youta makes them both go truant and look for one, as this problem looks more important than attending classes. Both Takashi and Ai (who went buying ingredients for dinner) notice this unusual trip - which makes them wonder ...

Shopping together with a cute and relaxed Moemi is fun for Youta, as well as pain. Ai gets really jealous now: She makes a policeman check whether these pupils should rather be at school! Youta and Moemi have a narrow escape ... running together is quite an experience for both of them, but they are embarrassed to find themselves holding each other's hand ... Now Youta convinces Moemi to stick to her "personal" present, the scarf. In return, Moemi encourages Youta to confess his love to "his girl", because "she can't have style if she turns such a nice guy down" ... and they both "practice" their important scene together: Moemi easily hands the present to Youta, and he hesitatingly confesses his love to her - "for a moment I even misunderstood", is Moemi's unsuspecting response ... Ai happens to watch this depressing scene as well, and calms down. Angry about herself, she has to face said policeman's questions shortly after ...

Back at school, Youta asks Takashi to meet him in the back yard, providing an opportunity for Moemi to hand over her present alone. At first Takashi refuses and gets mad about Youta's interference - but when Moemi abruptly confesses her love to him, and he recognizes that Youta is supporting her on this, he asks Moemi to give him time to think it over. Later, Takashi and Youta meet to talk, and Youta tells it's okay if his best friend will be together with Moemi, and he can handle it. He even asks Takashi to accept her, as she tried so hard ...

Evening arrives, and Moemi is sitting next to the telephone, awaiting Takashi's call. Her nerves are wrecked ... Youta is restless as well, but he tries to hide it from Ai. Suddenly, Moemi feels so lonely that she rings up Youta to cheer her up once more. Youta can hardly bear that, and quits the connection without a reply; Moemi is stunned. But then she hears the doorbell ring: Takashi has made up his mind ...

Alone in his room, Youta still tries his best to hide his feelings, and Ai isn't empathic enough to help him. But finally his walls crumble down, and the surprised Ai holds a weeping boy in her arms ... the VCR display reads "13 days to go".
Devil Doll (2003-07-28):
Starting with Ai taking a shower, and then even "attacking" Youta, the nudity haters will sure have something to lament about. But just forget about this "teaser" start! This episode is an emotional rollercoaster, as bitter-sweet as it could possibly be - and without Ai adding a little fun now and then it might really be hard to swallow.
There were quite a few situations when things might have turned out differently, but in the end we see Ai's plan to bring Youta and Moemi together has failed. So - what's next?

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