Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Jo - Diff: [SPOILER!] Important differences in story between TV series and Rebuild version

Title:Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Jo
Episode:Diff: [SPOILER!] Important differences in story between TV series and Rebuild version
1. The scene with EVA-01 protecting Shinji when the boy arrived at NERV headquarter and EVA-01's blinking eye are missing.

2. We now learn that the closer relation between Shinji and Rei was planned by Gendou and even part of the Dead Sea Scrolls scenario.

3. We now learn that the Dead Sea Scroll scenario provides "a contract between humankind and Lilith".

4. This time, Misato shows Lilith in the Central Dogma to Shinji at a much earlier stage, and explicitly knows who this giant is (naming it "the second angel, responsible for the Second Impact" - in the TV series it was Adam who was responsible for the Second Impact).

5. We now learn that Kaworu existed at this early stage already (and knew what happened at NERV), and was in contact with (and probably created by) SEELE at this time.
Consequences of these changes:

1. While EVAs were mysterious beings in the TV series, they're just mindless (and boring) beasts this time. All we know about them is that they go berserk (EVA-00 hurting Rei in the process, EVA-01 winning the battle against the 4th Angel in the process). The importance of the EVA/pilot team being compatible (which has its reason due to the soul within the EVA), one of the most technically interesting elements of the story (lots of implications derive from there, such as how the "Marduk institute" actually works), are completely dropped this time; consequently it will be difficult to tell certain stories of later TV episodes (such as Shinji dissolving into LCL) as well as explaining the origin of Rei.

2. This version lets Gendou (and Fuyutsuki) appear even more cruel, obviously using the pilots as chess pawns in their great game.

3. We'll see which further changes this variation will cause in later episodes. In the TV series we had no idea why Lilith would "side" with humankind against the angels; given her mythological background a contract between these two "evil" groups (remember that according to the Kabbala, Lilith revolted against Adam and was replaced by Eva because of this, and Lilith gave birth to demons under the name of Lilim, which happen to be humankind as we know it) would make perfect sense (but it will be interesting to learn why Lilith agreed to be captured inside the Central Dogma).

4. This may be the most significant change of the story, and the most necessary one. Episode 24 of the TV series had one huge issue in the Director's Cut version: Kaworu mixed up Adam and Lilith although he should know better according to information he got from SEELE. By now making Lilith the official target for the angels (instead of Adam) this problem might be solved (at the expense of the whole "Adam in Gendou's hand" subplot which was crucial for the his mechanism to trigger the Third Impact during EOE). At the same time, this modification will significantly change the character of Misato who was a mere follower (and as such a victim of Gendou's plan just like Shinji) during the TV series where she grew into the role of a spotter (due to her contact with Kaji) and thus became one of the Good Guys in the end. This time she knows a lot more about NERV's secrets right from the start so the whole Kaji substory won't make that much sense now (and perhaps the famous issue "Who shot Kaji?" won't be a part of this variant at all).

5. It's still unclear who Kaworu actually is, which motivation he has and why he cooperates with SEELE. We were never able to see the story from an Angel's perspective so far... Kaworu might offer us this perspective in the Rebuild variant, which I'd love to see.

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