Shin Seiki Evangelion - 19: A Man's Fight

Title:Shin Seiki Evangelion
Episode:19: A Man's Fight
Shinji is furious when his father's actions nearly lead to Toji's death, and declares that he will not pilot an Eva again. No sooner has he resigned, however, than a fearsome Angel attacks the NERV command center. Desperate resistance by Asuka and Rei fails to stop it, and Unit 01 refuses to activate with the dummy plug. Thus, Shinji finds himself the only option left...
Whereas the last episode seemed all action with no major clues regarding the various mysteries being revealed, this one is a goldmine of revealing comments:

"It would seem that all of the students in your class are fourth-level candidates"--Misato

So it would seem that Shinji's classroom is in fact a repository of the most promising Eva pilot candidates.

"Is it refusing me?"--Gendo

Gendo says this when Unit 01 refuses to accept Rei as it's pilot. What's curious is that he didn't say "Is it refusing her?"...

"If I die, I can be replaced"--Rei

Having seen the series once before, I suspect that Rei wasn't just referring to a classmate taking her place...

"It is said that if an Angel comes into contact with Adam, who lies sleeping beneath this very ground, humanity will be eradicated in the third impact"--Kaji

Kaji seems to have access to the top secret interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

"It's finally happened. It's aware"--Ritsuko

"But now the Eva's removing the web that binds it to our will. The beast inside the Eva is free at last!"--Ritsuko

"Unit 01's awakened and been set free. SEELE won't stay quiet for this. Was this part of your scenario, Commander Ikari?"--Kaji

"It's begun at last"--Kozo "Indeed. This is the beginning"--Gendo

Some seem to have dreaded that an Eva would be "set free" someday, others expected it--Gendo may have even been looking forward to it.

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