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Mysterious Girlfriend X (English manga title) Buy See Nazo no Kanojo X

Nazo no Kanojo X
Buy When Tsubaki Akira observes the anti-social transfer student Urabe Mikoto drooling on her desk while she is sleeping at school, he cannot resist trying the drool which tastes "sweet". Shortly afterwards he falls ill, and after he missed several days at school, Urabe visits him at home, tells him straight in the face that he must have tasted her drool and suffer from withdrawal syndrome as he apparently has fallen in love with her. And indeed, when Urabe offers him to lick her finger covered with her drool he recovers immediately; both make this their daily routine from now on. And Tsubaki learns that via drool Urabe can transfer her emotions to him and vice versa, to the point that she knows whether he is telling her the truth.
When Tsubaki-kun finally asks Urabe to date him she is overjoyed as she has heard a voice in the middle of class at school telling her that Tsubaki will become her first sex partner. But Urabe demands their relation to remain a secret - and no kissing, hugging, not even holding hands as their bond via drool is everything that counts for her. And being exceptionally skilled in using the scissors she always carries in her panties she can add authority to her demand. Poor Tsubaki, dreaming of doing all the things normal couples do...
謎の彼女X Buy See Nazo no Kanojo X

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