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Title Rating Synopsis
Delinquent Detective Rent See Sukeban Deka

Sukeban Deka
Rent A horrific accident has taken place at Takanoha High School--but evidence is mounting that it may not have been an "accident" at all! The school is held in the iron grip of the nefarious Mizuchi sisters, daughters of a corrupt but highly influential politician. What's needed is someone who can infiltrate the school and collect evidence to bring down the Mizuchi family. The police turn to Saki Asamiya, once a notorious female juvenile delinquent at Takanoha, but now incarcerated in a reformatory. Saki's Mother is a prisoner as well, and the threat of her execution persuades Saki to accept the job.
スケバン刑事[スケバン・デカ] Rent See Sukeban Deka

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