List Titles with TOBITA Nobuo

Title Rating Synopsis
Fragment of a Poem (literal translation) Rent See Uta Kata
Narutaru Rent See Narutaru ~Mukuro naru hoshi Tama taru ko~

Narutaru ~Mukuro naru hoshi Tama taru ko~
Rent While on a summer vacation at her grandparent's island residence, Tamai Shiina discovers a strange creature in the shape of a star. She discovers it is a ↗ryū (a dragon). She names it Hoshimaru and returns home with it. Hoshimaru has many abilities including the power to fly, allowing Shiina-chan to "air surf" from time-to-time. He mimics a backpack so that Shiina can carry him everywhere she goes.

Saihate no Paladin
Unevaluated Will cannot remember who his parents were. For as long as he can remember, he has been in the care of three undead persons: Gus, a ghost who teaches him academic matters, Blood, a skeleton who teaches him how to fight, and Mary, a blindfolded mummy woman who teaches him the most of all about everyday matters.
Shadow Star Rent See Narutaru ~Mukuro naru hoshi Tama taru ko~
Shadowstar Narutaru Rent See Narutaru ~Mukuro naru hoshi Tama taru ko~
The Faraway Paladin Unevaluated See Saihate no Paladin

Uta Kata
Rent A very quiet Ichika is attending Kamakura Girl High School with her three friends, Satsuki who had a sturdy mind, Keiko who was a gentle girl, and Michiru who has something mysterious about her. On the last day of the first term, on her way home with her friends, Ichika realizes that she has lost her cellphone with its special treasured charm, so she hurries back to school. She finds her cellphone but it appears to be on the other side of a large, ancient mirror. A cute, friendly young girl appears in the mirror, offering to return the item in exchange for a simple promise: Ichika has to do the summer homework for this girl who came into this world for "sightseeing". And so begins the summer friendship between Ichika and Manatsu and the story of their magical adventures, for the 12 stones in Ichika's charm have turned into magical stones to summon elemental djinns.
うた∽かた (Japanese) Rent See Uta Kata
なるたる ~骸なる星・珠たる子~ Rent See Narutaru ~Mukuro naru hoshi Tama taru ko~
最果てのパラディン Unevaluated See Saihate no Paladin

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