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Gokinjo Monogatari
Unevaluated Mikako dreams of being a fashion designer, so she sets her eyes on attending Yazawa Arts high school with her childhood friend Tsutomu. But, he looks like a famous rock star and attracts more attention than she'd like, especially from a popular upperclassman. Incapable of dealing with her own feelings towards Tsutomu, Mikako devotes all of her time to a new 'flea market' club she's created with her friends on campus. But, it seems to bring her more into contact with Tsutomu than ever before.

Buy One wintry evening, Komatsu Nana happens to sit next to Osaki Nana on a train bound for Tokyo. Komatsu Nana goes to seek out her boyfriend and a new life in the city, while Osaki Nana goes to pursue a career in music. They soon become friends after finding out they have the same names and through getting to know one another. Coincidentally, during their search for an apartment, they meet again and agree to live together. The two girls are polar opposites of each other; while Komatsu Nana has a gentle, innocent nature, Osaki Nana keeps a calm, cool attitude. The story of NANA chronicles their trials and triumphs in their developing friendship. (Synopsis courtesy of AnimeNfo)
Neighborhood Story Unevaluated See Gokinjo Monogatari

Paradise Kiss
Buy Yukari Hayasaka is a high school student in her final year undergoing the stress of applying for university exams and the pressures put on her by her mother to succeed as a student. One day, Yukari is brought into the world of fashion modeling by George Koizumi and several of his friends at the Yazawa Gakuen design school. The group known as Paradise Kiss need Yukari’s help to model their clothing designs for their school’s upcoming fashion competition. Yukari agrees to help the group out as she starts to realize her potential in the world of fashion modeling and falls for George as the days count down towards the Yazawa competition.
ParaKiss Buy See Paradise Kiss
ご近所物語 Unevaluated See Gokinjo Monogatari
ナナ Buy See Nana
パラダイス・キス Buy See Paradise Kiss
所近物语 Unevaluated See Gokinjo Monogatari
芳邻同盟会 Unevaluated See Gokinjo Monogatari

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