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Ghost Sweeper Mikami
Watch Reiko Mikami is a very independent lady who runs her own business. She is known as a Ghost Sweeper (GS) who will exorcise any evil that might be bothering her clients. And with the assistance of her infatuated and perverted assistant, Tadao, they will take on any supernatural mystery or beast for a profit.

Zettai Karen Children
Watch In the near future, people with ESP abilities become common. To deal with the trouble they cause, the Japanese government creates a special police force called B.A.B.E.L. (the Base of Backing ESP Laboratory) and their strongest agents are three sassy ten-year-old girls with incredible powers and a serious attitude problem.
ゴーストスイーパーGS美神 Watch See Ghost Sweeper Mikami
絶対可憐チルドレン Watch See Zettai Karen Children

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