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Title Rating Synopsis
Salaryman Kintarō Unevaluated See Salaryman Kintaro

Salaryman Kintaro
Unevaluated One evening a Japanese executive has a run-in with three punks on a Tokyo street. The punks despise "salarymen" (white collar workers), and deliver a brutal beating. The victim's co-workers are paralysed by fear, but a strange salaryman steps forward and demands that the assault stop. Just one more victim for them, the perpetrators figure, except that this is no ordinary salaryman. It's Yajima Kintaro, once head of the 100-strong Kanto motorcycle gang, and who has now, in accordance with his late wife's wishes, started a new life as a respectable salaryman!
Sararīman Kintarō Unevaluated See Salaryman Kintaro
サラリーマン金太郎 Unevaluated See Salaryman Kintaro

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