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Tsubasa Rent See Tsubasa Chronicle
Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Rent See Tsubasa Chronicle

Tsubasa Chronicle

In the Land of Clow, a teenaged Syaoran returns from archaeology dig where he is working. He is greeted by his old childhood friend, Princess Sakura. Sakura wants to confess her feelings for Syaoran, but gets interrupted before doing so. Later, she meets Syaoran at the ruins where her latent powers become active and wings (tsubasa) appear as a mysterious person attempts to kidnap her. Syaoran prevents Sakura from being taken, but now Sakura is unconscious and her memories appear to be gone. She will die unless she can get help from the time-space witch Yuuko. The priest-mage Yukito sends Syaoran across space and time to another universe where Yuuko resides on Earth in Japan (this Earth is where Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura resides). There, they not only meet Yuuko, but also Kurogane, a powerful ninja who was sent there by Princess Tomoyo from her universe to learn the true meaning of strength. And finally they meet Fai, a powerful mage and creator of Chii in his world. He's on the run from a sleeping ruler named Ashura.



Kimihiro Watanuki is a man who sees strange things such as spirits and the like. These spirits take on various forms and most are unpleasant to look upon. Wishing to not have to see such spirits, he stumbles upon the house of one Ichihara Yuuko and her two young helpers Maru and Moro. Yuuko-san tells Watanuki that his arrival at her home is hitsuzen, meaning he was destined to come there. Yuuko-san will grant Watanuki's wish, but at a price; he must now work for her where he now does things like cook, clean, and run errands for Yuuko-san, especially making runs to buy her sake and other such beverages. Watanuki complains, but does a good job and dreams of hooking up with the very cute Himawari-chan.

xxxHOLiC - A Midsummer Night’s Dream Rent See xxxHOLiC - Manatsu no Yoru no Yume

xxxHOLiC - Manatsu no Yoru no Yume

Yuuko-san receives an invitation for the opening of an auction from a mysterious unknown sender. Likewise, fanatical collectors are summoned to an old mansion whose owner doesn't make an appearance. One after another, each collector disappears and a number of other strange occurrences happen during the night. The questions of what exactly it is that's being auctioned and who the owner of the mansion is must be solved in order for Yuuko-san and Watanuki-kun to get to the bottom of this.

xxxHOLiC: The Movie Rent See xxxHOLiC - Manatsu no Yoru no Yume

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