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Boys Be
Rent Boys Be is about life in a high school and how it affects six class mates - three boys Kanzaki Kyoichi (the Artist), Kurumizawa Makoto (the Computer Nerd), and Kenjou Yoshihiko (the Baseball Star), and three girls Nitta Chiharu (the Track & Field Athlete), Mizutani Aki (the Photographer), and Kazama Yumi (the Glasses Girl). These friends grow up together, fall in love, and fall out of love.
Boys Be... Rent See Boys Be

Re: Cutie Honey
Rent As virtually the only competent Police Officer in Tokyo, Inspector Aki Natsuko is having a hard time dealing with an upsurge of mayhem perpetrated by the mysterious Panther Claw organization. Just as mysterious is "that cosplay exhibitionist" vigilante who continually steps in to thwart the plots of the Panthers. Though Inspector Natsuko doesn't initially feel particularly fortunate, she in fact has an ally--Cutie Honey!
Re:キューティーハニー Rent See Re: Cutie Honey

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