List Titles with INADA Tetsu

Title Rating Synopsis
I'm Quitting Heroing Rent See Yuusha, Yamemasu
Ojisan and Marshmallow Unevaluated See Ojisan to Marshmallow

Ojisan to Marshmallow
Unevaluated Kusaka is an older man who loves marshmallows, and Wakabayashi is an OL (office lady) who loves Kusaka. Their relationship unfolds at their office.
Tsubasa Rent See Tsubasa Chronicle
Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Rent See Tsubasa Chronicle

Tsubasa Chronicle

In the Land of Clow, a teenaged Syaoran returns from archaeology dig where he is working. He is greeted by his old childhood friend, Princess Sakura. Sakura wants to confess her feelings for Syaoran, but gets interrupted before doing so. Later, she meets Syaoran at the ruins where her latent powers become active and wings (tsubasa) appear as a mysterious person attempts to kidnap her. Syaoran prevents Sakura from being taken, but now Sakura is unconscious and her memories appear to be gone. She will die unless she can get help from the time-space witch Yuuko. The priest-mage Yukito sends Syaoran across space and time to another universe where Yuuko resides on Earth in Japan (this Earth is where Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura resides). There, they not only meet Yuuko, but also Kurogane, a powerful ninja who was sent there by Princess Tomoyo from her universe to learn the true meaning of strength. And finally they meet Fai, a powerful mage and creator of Chii in his world. He's on the run from a sleeping ruler named Ashura.


Yuusha, Yamemasu
Rent Demon Queen Echidna is rebuilding her decimated army after it was thrashed by the hero Leon Demonhart. Demonhart defeated all four of her generals in one-on-one duels, then did the same to Echidna herself. Now, Demonhart reappears, but he's not looking to finish them off. On the contrary, he needs a job.
おじさんとマシュマロ Unevaluated See Ojisan to Marshmallow
勇者、辞めます Rent See Yuusha, Yamemasu

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