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Rent First year high school student Kurogo Kurusu's grandfather instilled in him a love of traditional Japanese Kabuki theater, and today he hopes to start a Kabuki club at his school. But Kabuki is not exactly considered cool among Japanese teenagers nowadays, and he has a hard time recruiting fellow members.
Kami no Tō: Tower of God Watch See Tower of God

Shuumatsu no Harem
Watch In the year 2040, Reito Mizuhara has contracted the fatal disease 'cellular sclerosis'. Because a cure in expected within the next five years or so, he is placed in 'Cold Sleep', a sort of suspended animation. Before being put to sleep, he confesses his love to Erisa, his longtime sweetheart. Upon awakening in 2045, Reito gets a surprise: while he was asleep the 'Man Killer' (MK) virus has done just that, annihilating all men in the world except himself and the others in Cold Sleep (somehow, the cure for Cellular Sclerosis rendered him immune to MK). What's desperately needed for the sake of the survival of the human race is for Reito to inseminate as many women as possible (and doing it artificially doesn't work). Also, Erisa has gone missing.

Tower of God
Watch Anyone who can make it to the top of the Tower of God can have whatever they wish: power, fame, wealth, revenge-they can even become a God themselves. But ascending the tower isn't easy, as one must pass a series of deadly tests. After a girl named Rachel disappears within the Tower, her male friend Bam goes looking for her, which means he must pass these tests as well.
World’s End Harem Watch See Shuumatsu no Harem
カブキブ! Rent See Kabukibu!
神之塔 -Tower of God Watch See Tower of God
終末のハーレム Watch See Shuumatsu no Harem

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