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Earth Defender Mao-chan Rent See Rikujyou Bouei Tai Mao-chan
Ground Defense Force Mao-chan Rent See Rikujyou Bouei Tai Mao-chan

Buy For a close-knit foursome of high school friends, life is all about sleeping in class, strawberry milk, and after-class karaoke. However, our unnamed main protagonist is troubled by nightmares of death and disaster. Only when he begins to realize that his memories of people and events are different from those of Tamaki Maiko (named "Tama-chan" by her friends, "Mai-chan" by herself), Chimu and Harusa, his three female friends, does he begin to wonder. Later, when the waking dreams start.... a short moment of him seeing something that noone else attractive young lady, who stares back at him in amazement from an empty subway station, does he begin to wonder about his sanity. That evening, the four encounter and follow a shadow with no person, only to encounter a gang of stumbling zombies. And then he wakes up that morning from yet another bad dream, but the threads of reality have become a bit too frayed, and he begins to see a way in which he can travel over to the reality of his nightmares.
Mao-chan Rent See Rikujyou Bouei Tai Mao-chan

Rikujyou Bouei Tai Mao-chan

Mao-chan is an 8-year old girl who wants to defend Japan from the evils of those ever-so-cute aliens that just keep landing from outer space. Fortunately her grandfather is in charge of the Ground Defense Force and so Mao-chan and two other 8-year old girls (Silvia-chan and Misora-chan) are given the task to defend Japan's ground, air, and sea. Cute girls to fight cute aliens thanks to alien technology left by the turtle Tamo-chan (Love Hina) which transforms the girls into "magical" girls. Why are the cute aliens invading Earth?

Rocket Girls
Rent A high school girl Morita Yukari visits Axia of the Solomon Islands in order to look for her father who went missing some seventeen years ago on the day after he married Yukari's mother. While there, she meets some Japanese engineers who are operating the Solomon Space Project, who approach her with an unusual offer. With space on a rocket being very limited, the 38 kilo (83 lbs) Yukari accepts a part-time job as an astronaut, as a way to stay in the Solomons and continue her search for her missing father.
インタールード (Japanese) Buy See Interlude

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