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Title Rating Synopsis
Banner of the Stars II Buy See Seikai no Senki II
Chiyoko Millenial Actress Buy See Sennen Joyu
Den`ei Shoujo Video Girl AI Buy See Video Girl Ai
Millennium Actress Buy See Sennen Joyu
Ranma ½ The Movie 3: Team Ranma vs. the Legendary Phoenix Buy See Ranma ½: Chou Musabetsu Kessen! Ranma Team vs Densetsu no Houou

Ranma ½: Chou Musabetsu Kessen! Ranma Team vs Densetsu no Houou

The Third Ranma 1/2 Movie! Based off the Manga (Volume 29), the story revolves around a Phoenix that hatches on Kuno's head. With the Phoenix, it gives Kuno great power to finally defeat Ranma. However, Ranma isn't going to allow this to last as he tries his might to separate the Phoenix from Kuno.

Ranma ½: One Flew Over the Kuno's Nest Buy See Ranma ½: Chou Musabetsu Kessen! Ranma Team vs Densetsu no Houou

Seikai no Senki II
Buy The success of the “Humankind Abh Empire" counter-offensive has shifted the focus in the war. The Abh rules of engagement require that a noble represent the Empire in negotiations of surrender for any overrun inhabited planet. A shortage of qualified nobles has compelled Jinto and Lafiel to visit an isolated planet to formalize the terms as to their surrender. But they find themselves to be very perplexed in having to deal with four different planetary leadership claimants. The planet of a backwater prison planet, with a group of wardens (or guards) supervising three different penal districts. Jinto and Abriel try to deal with four untrustworthy leaders, (the warden and leaders from the penal zones), each claiming to be the legitimate governor of the planet and each with their own personal and conflicting agendas.

Sennen Joyu
Buy Fujiwara Chiyoko was once a major movie star who dominated the Japanese cinema world. Thirty years ago, she abruptly disappeared from the screen and from public view. One of her greatest admirers, Tachibana Genya, a documentary filmmaker, has traveled to the isolated mountain lodge where she makes her home to interview her. He presents her with an old key that once meant everything to her, and as if that key had opened a door to her memories Chiyoko starts telling the story of her life, interweaving moments from her past and future and passing through the boundary between reality and the movies that had made up so much of her life, guiding the audience through a millennium of Japanese history.

Starship Troopers
Watch An anime adaptation of the classic science fiction novel. "Plotwise, this OVA is considered the most accurate adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein's novel, despite the fact that many liberties were taken with characters and events." (Anime News Network)
Uchuu no Senshi (Japanese) Watch See Starship Troopers

Video Girl Ai
Buy Wandering the streets after having his heart thoroughly broken, Youta Moteuchi stumbles across a video shop he'd never noticed before: Gokuraku, as in "paradise." Youta checks out one video that looks promising (but not too promising): The 'Video Girl Ai', telling him "I will cheer you up". But when this tape is played on Youta's broken VCR the boy suddenly has a companion to soothe his grief. Will Youta get his girl in the end? Prepare for romance, drama, and an ending that is not from this world.
千年女優 (Japanese) Buy See Sennen Joyu
宇宙の戦士 (Japanese) Watch See Starship Troopers
星界の戦旗 II (Japanese) Buy See Seikai no Senki II
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