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Title Rating Synopsis
I'm Quitting Heroing Rent See Yuusha, Yamemasu

Macross Delta
Watch In the year 2067, human colonies in space are being swept by an inexplicable illness, 'Var Syndrome', which causes seemingly normal people to loose control of themselves and violently lash out against anyone and anything nearby. Meanwhile, runaway girl Freya Wion hopes to stowaway on a cargo spaceship to the planet where the Walkure Idol group is holding auditions--but makes a slight mistake. Instead, she runs into the recently sacked cargo handler, Hayate Immelman. For a variety of reasons, chaos ensues.
Macross Δ Watch See Macross Delta

Yuusha, Yamemasu
Rent Demon Queen Echidna is rebuilding her decimated army after it was thrashed by the hero Leon Demonhart. Demonhart defeated all four of her generals in one-on-one duels, then did the same to Echidna herself. Now, Demonhart reappears, but he's not looking to finish them off. On the contrary, he needs a job.
マクロスΔ [デルタ] Watch See Macross Delta
勇者、辞めます Rent See Yuusha, Yamemasu

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