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Buy In the near-future in a unnamed town in Germany, there have been incidences of dead bodies transforming into strange creatures and coming back to life to wreck havoc and kill innocent civilians. These mutant monsters have an ability to merge with cars and vehicles that makes them both very fast and dangerous. A secret SWAT team named XAT is specially equipped with armored cars and combat motorcycles to deal with these monsters. Then suddenly normal people begin transforming into monsters. With all these monsters and heavily armed soldiers running around, you know that a battle royal is brewing.

Shenmue the Animation
Unevaluated Distinguished teenage karate artist Ryo Hazuki returned home to the family dojo one day to find his father locked in a deadly duel with a strange man named Lan Di. Lan Di wants a 'mirror' of some sort, and when it comes to the martial arts is in a totally different league than Ryo or his father. After his father is killed, Ryo resolves to find out just what was going on, and whether the claim Lan Di made that his father once killed someone is true.
シェンムー the Animation Unevaluated See Shenmue the Animation
ブラスレイター Buy See Blassreiter

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