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Honoo no Labyrinth
Rent Galan is a strangely troubled university student who is a big samurai fan, and when a fellow student, the lady Natsu gives him an ancient Japanese short sword as a gift, he can only geek-out with joy. And when the lady Natsu invites him to visit her hometown, a traditional Japanese village located in Russia, Galan can only answer yes. But what Galan has not yet been told is that his college lady-friend is a princess in the village and her gift is a betrothal heirloom.
If I Could See You in a Dream Rent See Yume de Aetara
If I See You In My Dreams Rent See Yume de Aetara
If You Meet in Dreams Rent See Yume de Aetara
Labyrinth Of Flames Rent See Honoo no Labyrinth

Yume de Aetara
Rent The painfully shy and socially inept Fuguno Matsuo managed to get through school and college without a girlfriend. A foretelling by fortune-teller seems to confirm his doomed fate, at least until he encounters Shiozaki Nagisa, a beautiful kindergarden teacher for whom he falls for at first meeting. Against his nature, and against impossible odds and serious competition, Matsuo chases after Nagisa in the hopes of capturing her attention. Despite his apparent knack of ending up in easily misunderstood and very compromising situations with other women, Matsuo still chases after Nagisa, pleading for forgiveness, another chance and perhaps even a date.
夢で逢えたら (OVA) Rent See Yume de Aetara

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