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Unevaluated Many people left the earth and moved into space. The satellite NEXT became a second home for mankind, and continued to grow. However, due to conflicts with the government of Earth, NEXT declared its independence and a war began. The mysterious entity known as "S" is also out causing trouble, and Captain Akane Aoi is sent out to capture it. And, blissfully unaware of all this on an abandoned satellite, a group of free-spirited people continue to pilot and maintain their Metal Vehicles (MVs) and live for the moment. These different groups will all share a similar destiny that they never expected.
Next Senki Ehrgeiz Unevaluated See Ehrgeiz
Next War Chronicle Ehrgeiz Unevaluated See Ehrgeiz
ネクスト戦記エーアガイツ (Japanese) Unevaluated See Ehrgeiz

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