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Title:Welcome to Pia Carrot
Pia Carrot
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Welcome to the restaurant Pia Carrot, where the food is good, and the young staff is very cute and always friendly. But the best dishes can not always be found on the menu, as the men and women on staff learn when they mix work with pleasure, and begin to flirt and fight to be with the person they hold most special.

Pia Carrot 1 - 3 episodes
Pia Carrot 2 - 6 epiosdes
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Watch 7 7 7 6 7 7 Dreamer [series:743#2279]
It seemed interesting based on the synopsis, however it wasn't really that great.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art was n't horrible, but it seemed a bit on the low side. The animation was about average. As for character designs, hmmmm..... just didn't do it for me. They were of lower quality, almost amateurish.

The OP was just too cute for me. It wasn't bad but it wasn't of my type.... I almost puked it was too cute. The music elsewhere was just as upbeat and cute. Again, nothing interesting here.

Series and Episode Story
There wasn't really any plot. The stories just revolved around the restaurant and the employees. This series was nothing more than silly antics, a bit of humor and sometimes tried to be cute.

Overall, it's a good anime as an "in-betweener".... the ones you would watch while waiting for the next episode of your current anime.

Last updated Monday, April 20 2009. Created Monday, April 20 2009.
Watch 7 7 6 7 6 Jan-Chan [series:743#967]
This is going to be a real hard series to review. There are actually two Pia Carrot series, which both center around the employees who work in the Pia Carrot restaurant, but they should not be lumped together in the same category.

The first series Pia Carrot 1, with 3 episodes, might best be considered as ecchi/henti (with some very private encounters), while Pia Carrot 2, with 6 episodes only offers some modest measure of fan service, but nothing more. Both have a similar story line, nice girl meets innocent and naive boy, both kinda like each other, but they start off on the wrong foot, and start growling at each other. And with everything else going on in the story, they have a lot of problems even talking nice to each other, much less being brave enough to share their feelings. And then some other guy starts chasing the girl, and some other girl takes an interest in the guy, and everybody gets jealous, but in the end, the two do get together and have a happy ending.

There are also two anime movies (which I have not seen), that have spun off of this series.

Both series have a very slice of life story line, with a lot of gossip and girl-talk. There are two guys working at Pia Carrot restaurant, with about eight young ladies, so the guys do get a lot of attention. There is one employee who is a serious cos-play queen, and keeps showing up in outrageous costumes. There is also a gay character and a few other surprises keep the story interesting. In all, this is a very Japanese culture girls-n-boys mixer story, with a sense that it is aimed at the coming-of-age-of adulthood crowd. This is a fair amount of entertainment in their awkwardness in the characters having to sort out their feelings for each other and a smile in those situations when two hearts meet.

Last updated Friday, April 01 2005. Created Monday, March 08 2004.

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