Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story

Title:Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story
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Notables: Animation - Bandai Namco Pictures
A youth story centering on two young women golfers named Eve and Aoi Amawashi. The two come from completely different backgrounds, with completely opposite play styles, and together they will shake the world of golf.
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TV anime that premiered on April 5, 2022.
Animated by Bandai Namco Pictures.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4456#628]
Man, there are a lot of sports anime this season--horse racing, badminton, and now golf. But I quickly got the impression that Birdie Wing was unconvincing and could not be taken seriously. Though she cares for orphans(!?), I don't really like Eve. She's pretty gruff, but perhaps the real thing about her that bothers me is that she's too good at golf to be true. At one point she hits a ball, which, just as she had intended, travels through the dense folliage of a tree, shatters a thick branch, keeps going, hits a rake lying alongside a sandtrap, and is deflected to within a few feet of the hole. I mean, come on! Even Golgo 13 would envy a shot like that. Why doesn't she become a professional rather than the sort of shadow golfer, who makes a living making bets with shady characters, that she is? She would be raking in the money. But apparently she's some sort of illegal immigrant or something like that who can't compete officially (if I understood things correctly). The whole premise seems simplistic and ham fisted: the corrupt police are harrassing her friend who helps look after these orphans, so she needs money. But I didn't find either Eve or Aoi (her partner/competitor) to be interesting and the whole story seemed so absurd that I felt little inclination to watch. It's sort of like the golfing version of an anime about a warrior who is so good that he can cause minor earthquakes just by swinging his sword.

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