Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshi Kōsei o Hirō

Title:Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshi Kōsei o Hirō
Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway
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Notables: Animation - project No. 9
OKITSU Kazuyuki
26-year-old Yoshida is an employee at a major IT company. He meets a high school girl on his way home after drinking. Yoshida's crush had decisively rejected him after he pined for her for five years, and he had decided to drink his sorrow. Sayu, the runaway high school girl he meets, says they could sleep together if he lets her stay with him. Yoshida chides the girl for the suggestion but eventually lets her stay with him.
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TV anime that premiered on April 5, 2021.
Animated by Project No. 9.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4285#628]
(Three episodes watched):

After Sayu offers to let Yoshida 'do' her in exchange for a night's lodgings, the thought occurred to me that there were two directions this show could go: a cheap, shallow story replete with fanservice and ecchi, or an intriguing and moving one about a guy who takes in a homeless girl but refuses to exploit her (replete with fanservice). Who wouldn't be titillated by a scenario of a young man with a hot teenage girl at his disposal? The question is whether he'll be able to resist temptation. I still have my fingers crossed, but so far it looks like Hige- has gone in the correct direction, namely the latter one. Yoshida seems like a guy with principles who can't bear to return Sayu to the streets to live a life of prostitution. If I were in his place I think I would feel good about myself--that I had done a good deed. He considers Sayu 'spoiled', but she is reluctant even to accept his gift of some clothing. It's kind of hard to believe that she has been living like this for six months, but that's not a big deal. Early on she had seemed to have a very casual and repellent attitude towards sex, but with time it becomes clear that she has personality as well. She says her parents are happy to see her gone, and for the time being he doesn't try to pry. As I watched all sorts of lines which the characters might say came to mind, which is a sign of an interesting and engaging show. Notice how Yoshida has small, simple eyes while Sayu has big, expressive ones? Don't screw it up, Hige-; you are looking pretty good so far.

In episode two we learn that Yoshida's love life isn't quite dead as M- takes him out to dinner and another girl in the office clearly likes him. This episode was not quite as moving and exciting as the first one as things have settled down, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Though there is some fanservice this show is clearly about genuine romance as well. All but one of the main characters have already assembled. Sayu fears that if Yoshida ever gets a serious girlfriend she'll be thrown out. She seems to assume that her body is the only thing of value she possesses. As I watched a certain scene I would frequently pause the recording to compose lines of my own for the characters to speak, because it was fairly deep and moving.

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