Persona 5 the Animation: Dark Sun

Title:Persona 5 the Animation: Dark Sun
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Notables: FUKUYAMA Jun
The Phantom Thieves are on the run after the shocking murder of one of their members due to a betrayal. But things are not entirely as they seem, since we are dealing with the interplay between everyday reality and 'castles' within which Personas dwell.

A 51-minute TV special which aired on Dec. 30, 2018

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Rent Stretch [series:3628#628]
I had expected a third season of P5 to be forthcoming, since season two had ended with a setback and a shocking cliffhanger rather than victory for the Phantom Thieves. Another season may well appear at some point (this special implies such a thing will happen), but the final arc of season two, which involves corruption at the highest levels of Japanese government and the use of Personas for evil purposes, is resolved here. This is basically an hour long additional episode which reveals that Ren isn't dead after all, and that far from being beaten the Phantom Thieves have in fact set a trap for Akechi. I didn't completely understand how the scheme worked, but that might be my fault rather than the makers and I understood enough for the special to be fun nevertheless.

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