Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan
やわらか三国志 突き刺せ!! 呂布子ちゃん
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Two minor characters from a 14th century historical Chinese novel (wiki) ("三国志" or "sangokushi") traverse time and distance to appear as loli-girls in a modern day Japan. Just how will the two fierce and great warriors, Ryofuko and Shenki adapt to a modern life, especially when cast into the bodies of eight-year-old girls?

("やわらか" = "yawaraka" = "soft, tender, subdued, gentle, meek")

Animation by Chaos Project.
4 OVA episodes (25~27min each)

1:30min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:1781#628]
(One episode watched):

Perverted, yes, but not all that funny. After Jan-chan pointed this series out I had high hopes for it, but those hopes were largely dashed by the inexplicable shortage of humor in episode one of Ryofuko-chan. It made me smile a couple of times, but that was it. It didn't make a whole lot of sense, either. If it had been funny, making sense wouldn't really have been a requirement; but since it wasn't, I had no choice but to go with plot in hopes of getting some entertainment, and I didn't. What sort of monster was that, why did it appear, and how did Ryofuko defeat it? In short, I was impatient for the episode to be over. I don't mind fanservice and ecchi if they are part of genuinely funny comedy, but if they aren't, my patience doesn't last long. The second episode was slightly better; Ryofuko-chan certainly isn't looking like a standout performer, but it should be worth a Watch.

A good show can be funny without being perverted, but not perverted without being funny--which is why Ryofuko-chan isn't all that good.

P.S: Was that Mesousa from PaniPoni Dash! in the first scene?

Last updated Thursday, February 07 2008. Created Wednesday, February 06 2008.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1781#967]
OMG!! As if the excessive and bewildering storyline of the anime series Ikkitousen did not pummel us to senselessness, take two minor characters from Ikkitousen (wiki), (who were already minor characters from a legendary 14th century Chinese novel,) and then make them the main characters and center of attention of a new anime series, but to just keep things interesting – transform them into lolis!!!

Having watched two episodes, I am completely bewildered!!!! I think that this series might have a plot or storyline, it is just that I could not find it after sitting through a watching. While this not deserving an AVOID rating, this series has some severe problems. It is just ... LOLI ... no, more correctly ... VERY LOLI or perhaps Excessively LOLI.

Why do I think that this might be another cult-classic type of anime series, on par with those other loli-pervert classics such as Dokuro-chan or Rizelmine?

Last updated Tuesday, February 05 2008. Created Monday, February 04 2008.

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