FIXED: Anime list pager: Bottom-page dropdown list doesn't set the page number

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Devil Doll

05/15/2011 11:50 AM

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In a keyword-based anime list such as Wave?page=2 there are two drop-down menus, one on top of the page, the other at the bottom.

The top-page dropdown list successfully sets the "page" query parameter of the "pager" component for the result display function.

The bottom-page dropdown list triggers a reload of the page but with the same "page" query parameter as before.

All navigation buttons ("previous", "next" etc) work as expected, it's just the bottom-page dropdown list that's behaving strangely.

Tested with both MSIE 9 and Firefox 4. The effect is particularly weird as the code for the drop-down menu appears to be the same at both positions within the HTML page (and was most likely generated by the same routine).

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