Tales of Eternia

Title:Tales of Eternia
テイルズ オブ エターニア (Japanese)
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Notables: FUJISHIMA Kosuke
HOSHI Souichiro
Groundfall, a collision of the two worlds of Inferia and Celestia is destined to result in the destruction of both worlds. Four young adventurers, together with the assistance of several guardian spirits, set off on a magical and medieval quest to prevent the destruction of their two worlds.

Rid Hershel, a young hunter of extraordinary skills has joined with Farah Oersted, a female warrior-mage and with Keel Zeibel, a young scholar of promise from the Mintz University, as they travel with Meredy, a young lady from the distant world of Celestia, in a quest to find an answer to save both their worlds from certain destruction. And with the assistance of the three spirits of Wind, Water and Fire, their adventure begins.
13 TV episodes, 22 min; Animation by Production I.G.
[edit] The ↗Tales franchise (separate RPG stories, same setting):
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Watch Jan-Chan [series:814#967]
This is very much of a Crash and Burn anime story – Crash into the story.. as it has already started, so just jump in and then.. Burn..... you know where they are going, but as it not part of this story - it will not be included. If you want to learn more, then invest in the computer game that this anime series is spinning off of…..

But within these limitations, this series does manage to find some measure of fun and success. (Just don’t ask why, what... or where it is going, because you won’t find any answers here....)

Four travelers (or RPG adventurers) are on a forlorn quest to save two worlds from crashing into each other and destroying the civilizations of both worlds. This series is a 13-episode short snap-shot story of what they encounter in the middle of their quest.

The four travelers are …

Rid Hershel – the young hunter boy and defacto leader of the team. Quick with his sword and quick to jump into danger, everyone looks to him for solutions to lead them out of danger, not that he has a real clue.

Farah Oersted - a strong warrior/mage, who proves herself to be the real strength of the team. She (kind-of) likes Rid Hershel, not that she is willing to admit her feelings.

Keel Zeibel is the quiet and removed brainy scholar. He provides esoteric answers and insight into any strange situations or creatures that the team might encounter.

And then there is Meredy - the magic girl who traveled to Inferia from the distant sky-bourn world of Celestia. She is both a guide and secret weapon of the team, as they struggle against the challenges intent on defeating them.

Does this sound canned? A bit cliché? Or perhaps like a poorly written RPG adventure game? Well, it is!! But it does work to spin some small measure of charm.

If you don’t ask much (or ask too many questions,) then you might find some (small) entertainment in these 13 filler episodes as they tell part of a greater story.

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