Machine Hayabusa

Title:Machine Hayabusa
Dash Machine Hayabusa
Machine Peregrine
マシンハヤブサ (Japanese)
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The adventures of the fabulous high-tech race car Hayabusa ('Peregrine Falcon') and its driver.

21 episodes.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2013#628]
(One episode watched):

I assumed that this was a new Spring 2011 series and downloaded it. In fact what I got triggered an uncanny Speed Racer deja vu. A fantastic, custom made race car, driven by a young man; a flamboyantly evil competitor; a total lack of rules or common sense (who wouldn't hold an "Erupting Volcano Race"?)--almost everything about this show cried out Speed Racer, which I watched loyally as a kid. The James Bond-ish gadgets carried by the cars were amusing--like land mine dispensers, guided missiles, jump jet technology (if Hayabusa can fly, why even bother to race on the ground?). Even a Koala clinging to the only tree in the outback--to remind us that the second race is taking place in Australia--caused flashbacks. This is like a second season of Speed Racer; all sorts of touches from the music to the animation to the ED sequence had Speed Racer written all over them. This one just wasn't quite as good; it had more gadgetry but less personality to the characters. One difference seems to be that Hayabusa is part of a team of three cars rather than one that races alone. I had had no idea that any other auto racing anime existed before Initial D. Machine Hayabusa is too crazy for my more mature tastes, but the brief trip back to my youth was fun.

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