Eat man 98

Title:Eat man 98
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Crank Bolt is a mercenary but he's no ordinary man. He's gifted with the ability to eat metal objects. Later when the need arises he can produce these items from his right hand. Given Bolt's line of work, this comes in very handy.

12 TV episodes (~24min each).
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Rent 7 8 8 5 5 7 Vincer [series:177#1073]
I think this show could have been alot better, mainly since we learn nothing about the main character except he "just so happens" to make a change in peoples lives at random. Oh! And eats metal-_-
Its an ok watch. Pretty average but sometimes feel like fillers all the way through.

Last updated Wednesday, November 19 2003. Created Wednesday, November 19 2003.
Buy 7 8 9 6 3 9 Eagleye [series:177#131]
I'll agree, the first two episodes weren't that great but it really picked up after that. The last ten are broken down some continue on and others are just single episodes. The fact that Bolt Crank eats metal is original enough, and I like his special power of recreating it through his hands. It really has no overall plot line but the episodes have cool action. Big guns and a cool hero makes and excellent show.

Last updated Monday, February 05 2001. Created Monday, February 05 2001.
Rent 7 7 8 7 CatWoman [series:177#65]
I thought this was really odd when I started watching it! But as time went on I really grew to like it. (Other then the first episode, witch they never really explain and is kind of GROSS, though it does always leave you wondering about the main character and his past!) It is very different then most animes! The story really doesn't revolve around the main character. But he is the only thing that connects all the episodes together! I think this is a good one don't watch it with your kids though, only the first two episodes are dubbed and thoughs are the worst ones! Other then that its worth your time!

Last updated Tuesday, January 08 2002. Created Friday, November 17 2000.
Buy 5 6 6 5 5 Dingle [series:177#35]
I have only seen the first two episodes of this show, so I kind of feel bad about reviewing it. I normally do not do this, but since the other review is only for the first two episodes, I will post my review. I am kind of an Eatman fan. I have seen a little of the original series, but I have read all the mangas. If you like the manga's, you should like Eatman 98. They are set up very much alike. As long as you know the that Bolt is always the good guy and that he eats every thing for a reason, the show should be enjoyable. Also, as long as you know there is no background information (What you see is what you get). I have not seen the dub and I do not care. Even if the rest of the episodes are not any good, for only $40 for the DVD set, I think I will get my moneys worth.

Last updated Wednesday, August 30 2000. Created Wednesday, August 30 2000.
Buy 6 6 8 5 5 The Coyote [series:177#64]
Well I finally got past the first two episodes and the next ten moved the review from avoid to buy so that really tells you how good the rest is esspecailly since I hate to read subtitles I just wish I could see the rest of this without subtitles. This series is very episodic with little linking one episode to the next other than Crank. Dude this guy is clint eastwood cool too. probably sterotypically so but hey I like that.

Last updated Thursday, April 25 2002. Created Monday, August 07 2000.

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