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Set in the future, some fifty years after the giant typhoon called the ‘Grand Roar’ first devastated the Western Pacific Ocean and dramatically changed world’s climates. The rise in the ocean level has forever changed the territorial and political boundaries of the surviving island countries. The aftermath and confusion of the world event have given rise to organized groups of terrorists who use their heavily armed ‘pirate’ ships to trouble and harry the ocean-going trade routes. Their ongoing disruptions and raids on commercial traffic have given rise to private security companies equipped with high-tech warships dedicated to escorting merchant ships and keeping the sea-lanes secure.

One such private warship is the guided-missile escort ship - Pascal Mage. It is renown for being one of the few ships with an all-girl crew, under the command of Captain Misaki, a very cute ex-military prodigy. Nayimiya Hyousuke, a top engineer for Ogaswara Enterprises Software Systems, is sent to upgrade the Pascal Mage’s OS (operating system). But Hyousuke has some very mixed feelings about the new assignment – it has been five years since he last saw his sister and it will be her ship that he will be boarding.

13 TV Episodes + one DVD special (~9 min)
Animation by Actas and Bandai Visual
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:1486#628]
(one episode watched):

Cute Girls with Guns? How about Cute Girls with Surface-to-Surface Guided Missiles! Tactical Roar strikes me as being partly an attempt to cash in on the fascinating technology of modern naval warfare. despite it's setting in the future, most of this weaponry is already in commonplace use among the navies of the world. The first impressions I got were of a decidedly mediocre show, however. Aside from the naval technology, fanservice (aboard an all-girl crewed warship) seems to be the second pillar this show is resting on. I couldn't help noticing the point at which the view cuts to a girl as she speaks a line--but it moves to her butt first of all, then to her face. The jokes themselves weren't very funny. It was difficult to get excited about the close call the ship has while under attack, since I knew next to nothing about the crew as of yet and was more interested in how realistic the depictions of modern weaponry would be. In person-to-person interactions, all sorts of absurd and impossible misunderstandings and actions take place--absurd in a manner which is more annoying than amusing. I became curious about Tactical Roar after seeing it mentioned here, and I still wonder where it will go from here. I figured that if it gets better (or the competing series get worse) I may watch all of it eventually. But as of January 2011, when I reviewed some of my reviews, I had forgotten that it existed.

Last updated Sunday, January 30 2011. Created Wednesday, December 17 2008.
Watch 9 10 8 4 9 9 Xenoknight [series:1486#2967]
final review soon...

Beautiful animation. My God, the water effects and realism in this title are to die for (dare I say CG graphics) and the overall way this title is presented is with very vibrant colors and incredible explosion effects. I'm not one to like the whole "war strategy naval combat" type stuff, but this is ridiculously gorgeous. We also get nice busty babes to enjoy. What else do you need for a reason to check this out? I'm all in...

Ep 3 was "ecchi-ville". Standard beach ep where the girls all got to show some skin and the main lead scored points with all the girls (not on purpose of coarse). We also get a hint of conspiracy elements. Great stuff...

Ep 4 was a shocker! Yuri fun, incest accident, and overall blooming love interests. Take your pick, this ep had them all in one. I love this title so far...

Ep 5 had action and more yuri fun. This title is great.

Ep 6 had more tremendous action and the good guys were in big trouble for a second there but the captain shows her credentials and proves that she is a leader. Really great ep with big explosions and even bigger, well, you know... LOL.

Ep 7: Hey, even the none-explosion eps are great with this title. The ship is under attack by a viral infection and the systems aren't responding. They all show excellent restraint and never panic. The flame of love in a certain character's heart was about to light the darkness but they all got the ship working again and ruined a great chance for her to confess her love for the main lead (DAMN, she was so close too. A couple more letters and she would've said it). Great ep yet again...

Ep 8 has all romantic interests come to fruition. The confession of last ep was fully confirmed with a kiss in this ep and the wavering love between the forbidden couple gets questioned outright in the open! What's a guy to do in this situation? I don't know what the negative reviews are about because i'm having a blast watching this title. Not a single stall/crappy episode yet...

Ep 9 had massive enemy movement and the forbidden couple avoiding each other (he can't even eat while she is there). They face each other but can't talk about their feelings. The enemy attacks and things are going to get bad before they get any better (or even worse as far as love is concerned). Again, great ep...

Ep 10 featured intense action and naval warfare. The enemy attacks with a submarine and things get really bad really quick. Not even the captains' seasoned battle experience can save them this time and things take a turn for the worst (one of the main characters may have died). I know the captain worrying about her love issues in the middle of battle certainly didn't help (vice-captain had to set her straight)! They still put up a valliant fight but things don't always have a happy ending. This ep had fast-paced action with no room for anything else. Unbelievable ep...

Ep 11 was something to behold. The death of a certain character (sub character but whatever) rips everyone apart inside and they all dig deep to find the courage to continue on with their lives. We get some insight into just what makes the crew tick and their reasons for fighting. In the end, the forbidden couple finally come to an understanding and the main lead confesses to her (!) but they didn't know that they weren't alone and the whole scene was watched by a certain someone! This title is certainly worth the time I spent watching it. Painful but wonderful ep...

Ep 12 was still good. The enemy is on the move and things aren't right in the world at the moment. The crew finds the strenght to set sail again and they prepare for the final battle.

Ep 13: what kind of twisted ending was that. He doesn't get anyone in the end! WTF!!!!! What a "f-ing" waste. He dumped one girl to lose the other with the passage of time!?!?! What the hell is this crap. What a terrible ending to a beautiful series! I feel sick now. I enjoyed this series so much and they ruin it with "all is well" and the male lead can't get a girl to stay with him! He even returns to the ship full of women and he can't do anything about it. 6 months later my a**! This ending was retarded. Whatever...

Check out my award list to see some of best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, December 15 2008. Created Wednesday, December 10 2008.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:1486#967]
This series was released in January & February of 2006. One fan-group started subbing it and lost all interest after episode 3. Well another group has recently picked it up the project and has finished subbing the remaining episodes. While I commend both their efforts and the quality of their releases, I do find myself wondering if it was really worth the time?

The Pascal Mage has an all-girl crew ranging age from 14-years-old(?) to twenty-something, with a cute young captain. The one boy assigned to the ship is a young software engineer (NO! He is not very convincing) who happens to the younger brother to the captain (no blood relation – their parents got married and they suddenly found themselves related - can you guess where this might go?)

Despite the innocence of being young all-girl crew, they prove that they can be pretty raunchy! The level of fanservice and yuri action is ratcheted up pretty high with numerous beach/bathing suit and bathtub scenes. I think that the low point was the corporate-marketing episode in which crew is required to dress up on slinky dresses to help market the services of the security company.

And of course, Hyousuke is confused at how he feels about his sister and their ‘accidental’ kiss only furthers to cloud their relationship. (Gotta mix in and milk that brother-sister romance angle!) To complicate things, Hyousuke ends up being chased by Tsubasa, the shy pilot of the VTOL (vertical take-off landing) jet-fighter, who at first starts off hating ALL boys and then suddenly takes a fancy for him.

And the bad guys are pretty cheesy too. They are either a very twisted and sadistic yuri-sister-team or a very egotistic and effeminate submarine commander.

This begs the question why did I not outright flame this series?

Ignoring all of the characters and silly romance angles, the high-tech combat scenes are actually pretty well done! (Here are some pictures) Much of the action consists of multiple surface-to-surface Harpoon missiles targeting ships, with deck-top gattling-guns rattling away in desperate defense. And the combat tactics and other weapon systems used by the different sides are moderately interesting.

If you are into high-tech combat action, then this series might be able to offer a few minutes of entertainment. But between the various combat scenes, one can expect a very unrealistic and silly romance story spiced up with a lot of fanservice in a desperate hope of somehow redeeming an otherwise pointless anime series.

Last updated Thursday, November 27 2008. Created Wednesday, November 08 2006.

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